Marketing on its own behalf

Instructions for the love letter


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and no other day has so many love letters written. It’s a pity, because the remaining 364 days are also great for sharing with your loved one what you feel. So, fresh to the work and courage to speak!

A love letter is basically nothing more than marketing on its own. After all, they want to bring the best product to the man or woman: themselves. Sounds too unromantic? No, already Wolf Schneider in “German for young professionals” points out to us: “Only school essays, diploma theses and ransom letters are read reliably; love letters not always”.

At the beginning, you define the target group. This should not be too difficult, because normally there is only one object of desire. So imagine exactly what this person thinks, how they look, smells, smiles. Put yourself in your position! Think about what the other expects, wants. Put yourself in the right mood for romantic swearing. Define what you want to achieve by writing. A date, interest, just express your love, your appreciation, your gratitude?


All beginnings are difficult…

Now we know dialogue group and communication goal. If only the right communication channel is missing, then the basic work is done. As a medium to transport our message, we recommend letter and filler. In case of need, it also does a ballpoint pen. Don’t email or text. A love letter is written by hand. It’s personal, romantic, stylish.

There you now sit in front of the empty letterhead and ponder and ponder and … don’t worry, writing blockages are also familiar to professionals. Tip: Scribble the first designs on concept paper and simply let the idea run wild.

If you don’t know your swarm yet, it’s better to do without kose names when you give up your salut. A simple “hello” can seem impersonal, so we recommend the classic “love”. After all, that is what we are talking about.


Content is king: Content matters

You don’t have to be a Cyrano de Bergerac to reach your target group. Some people think that they have to imitate great poets and thinkers in love letters, or that they use a particularly elegant, poetic and lofty language. A real love letter thrives on real feelings – and should be a tribute to the addressee. Instead of picking up stars from the sky, take a compliment. But please don’t use the unimaginative standard phrases about beautiful eyes or the stunning smile.

Praise the properties and preferences of your “target object”. Storytelling is the magic word. Tell stories. From the moment of the first meeting together. How you lost your heart. What music was in the background on the first date. Inspire the addressee with wit and charm. Be authentic and create unique content.

Even with a love letter, when it’s most beautiful, you should stop. Discipline yourself. Otherwise, there is a risk of repetition – and that is bored. Don’t forget to include your personal call-to-action prompt at the end. “I look forward to your call” or the expression of hope for an early reunion make it clear to the reader that he is now expected to respond.


Hier sind wir auch

Writing a love letter isn’t that hard: choose a casual greeting, don’t overdo it with love ulcers, put the addressee in the spotlight and check if the recipient ends up knowing what to expect from him. Then Amor has every chance to hit the target with his arrow.

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