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If you have these questions, we know the answer!

I have a website, but nobody can find it. What can I do?

A lot! Above all, answer a number of questions, among others: Does my site have so-called SSL encryption, that is, is it secure? Are my content unique, that is, not created by copy and paste? Is my website optimized for search engines? Do links refer to my page? Does it have enough internal links? What are the loading times? Are the keywords, the keywords, the keywords right?

We are happy to help you answer these and many other relevant questions. We look forward to seeing you!

I need really good texts and unique content. Where can I get them?

With us! This is one of our core competencies.

Back to your question: Definitely not by copying content from other websites. This is not only bad style, but is badly punished by Google with space reference. So-called duplicate content is a SEO (SEO = Search Engine Optimization).

Good texts can be obtained from copywriters and editors – and yes, from us. You can find out what makes a good text here.

So if you’re looking for good content, ask us.



Why is my product not purchased even though it is good?

You have a really good product or a convincing service, but nobody wants to buy it? There may be several reasons for this, including:

  • You and your product/service are too unknown.
  • The unique selling point (USP) of your product/service is not known to the customer.
  • Your product/service is explanatory-intensive.
  • There is currently no market or market for your product/service.
  • Your product/service is expensive and the customer advantage is not apparent at first glance.
  • Your product/service is more expensive than that of the competition, but not better.
  • Your product/service is more expensive than that of the competition, but better, but nobody recognizes it.

Talk to us! We will find the solution together with you!

I have a new idea. Does it have a chance on the market?

You have a business idea, but don’t know if it has a chance of success? This depends on a number of factors, which we, together with you, will get to the bottom of in the course of an analysis. Among other things, we answer questions such as:

  • Is there even a market for your idea?
  • Are effort and yield in a reasonable relationship?
  • Where is the best way to sell your idea?
  • Are there enough resources on the ground?
  • Is your idea unique, special or arbitrary?

If you don’t dare, you don’t win. But many factors of uncertainty can be eliminated in advance of a new venture. Ask us!

How must my company appear and communicate externally?

Definitely uniform. This starts with the business card and does not end as you or your employee call on the phone.

All communication, business papers, website, employee code of conduct, appearance and style must be tailored to your company. This is called Corporate Identity (CI), in which, in the optimal case, the company values are reflected by one hundred percent.

We help you to present your company credibly to the outside world. Write us!

There are so many media channels. The right channels

That’s what matters! Certainly not everywhere. But wherever it’s important for your business. Not every media channel is equally suitable for every industry.

Twitter is advisable for those who want or need to carry many updates. If you have representative images of your product, you should be present on Instagram/Pinterest. Facebook is a must today.

We help you to define the media channels that are promising for your company and the communicative implementation! Ask us!


Does my website meet all the requirements of the GDPR?

This is not as easy to answer as you think. We cannot and must not provide legal advice. But we know the requirements of the GDPR and like to check whether your website meets them. Write us!



We need to restructure and reposition our marketing. Who can help us temporarily?

That is what we are here for. As interim manager, we are ready for temporary use when it burns for you. Whether it’s an unexpected vacancy, the rapid analysis, definition and implementation of the marketing strategy or a short-term project-related deployment.

You can find out why interim marketing makes sense and is successful here.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. Write us!



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