Rent website instead of buy

Full service at a fixed monthly price

Spare your budget:

the rental website

Typically, a Web page costs a certain amount. This is due after the completion of the site – and can strain the budget of start-ups or smaller companies. That’s why we’ve developed an alternative: the rental website.

Your company appearance at a fixed monthly price

On our rental website you pay a monthly amount over a certain contract period. The minimum contract term is 24 months. The contract can be terminated with a period of 3 months at the end of the contract. If he does not, he will automatically be extended for a further 12 months.


Advantages of renting websites


  • Moderate acquisition cost
  • Cost
  • No maintenance & software upgrade costs
  • Depending on the tariff care subscription included
  • Takeover of the website possible after the end of the rental period

Benefits of buying websites


  • Larger projects can be implemented.
  • No binding to third parties.
  • Complete control of the site, including access to the content management system and FTP.
  • Care, maintenance and updates are calculated separately (more options).
What happens after the minimum contract period expires?

If you have terminated the contract on time, you can freely decide how you want to continue using your website, as in the case of a leasing contract.


> the website goes offline (we always save a backup for you if you want to go back online later with a new contract)

> You purchase the website completely at the price of 50 percent of the annual rent. You can then move the domain to your name to the provider of your choice.

Is the maintenance/change of the content included?

Depending on the package, updates or changes are included in the monthly plan. What goes beyond that we charge separately by prior arrangement.

What are the payment terms?

You will receive an invoice from us each month or we will collect the monthly fees by direct debit from your account.

Can I maintain my rental website myself?

Of course, you get access to the backend, so you can also maintain your site yourself.

Where is my domain located?

If you already own a domain, we will move it to our domain provider and register it as a domain owner.

If you do not already have a domain, we will register it with our providers in your name.

Our rental web side packages

The above prices are plus 21 IVA.

Your domain is with one of our providers for the duration of the rental.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to ask!