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No publication of the access data, boycott or manipulation of the website and in the worst case the loss of the web address including content or blackmail: The horror stories with self-appointed IT professionals, PC specialists and would-be server providers are long and varied. And again and again, customers fall for supposedly cheap prices – and end up paying heavily for them.

If you want to be present online, you need a website. And a website needs an address (www. or similar ) as well as a home. This is the server on which the data resides and the webspace that provides space for the page on the network. Thus, hosting in English means to be host as much as hosting. The website may be your property, unless it is rented; Webspace and servers, on the other hand, are usually rented by a professional provider, also called a provider or hoster. This provides its server resources to the customer and guarantees appropriate accessibility. The prerequisite for this is that a powerful computer is online 24/7.

Shared Hoster, in the Cloud or Dedicated Server

There are different categories in web hosting that meet the needs and demands of customers. Shared hosts share their server, as the name suggests, i.e. there are several web pages on one server. This reduces costs and offers good performance, which is usually sufficient for most small to medium-sized projects.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, virtually summarizes the capacities of various physical servers. Advantage: If there are many accesses to the site and the server would reach its limits, you can access the capacities of the other servers. This solution is designed for larger companies and special applications such as large shops or platforms with exceptional traffic.

The most exclusive choice is a so-called Dedicated Server. There is only one project on a server. Top in terms of security and performance, but expensive and demanding for the user.

The right to your own data (section contains affiliate links)

We have been working with the hosting provider All Inkl from Germany for many years and for more comprehensive WordPress solutions recently also with RAIDBOXES. There we register each customer page in the name of the customers, which also has all rights. This is a very important point that should always be insinuated. If a re-seller (reseller offering the server as its own service) turns out to be frivolous, it can make it impossible for you to get to your own website. In the worst case, you lose page, data and domain or boycott the site to the best of his ability. We have had excellent experiences with the support of All Inkl, which usually offers problem solving within a few hours.


Access to the server

However, we generally have full access to the server. Otherwise you would have to dive blind. In other words, if your website is currently with one of the self-appointed IT specialists, we draw the page to a provider of our trust. If it is with a professional provider, we request agency access

We deliberately do not work as re-sellers and sell you something as our service that we do not offer. On the one hand, we find this to be non-transparent, on the other hand we do not decorate ourselves with foreign feathers.

For larger projects and for larger websites, we work with reliable cloud hosts and dedicated servers in Germany and Spain. Details must then always be discussed per project (scope, traffic).

Conclusion: Don’t save at the wrong end

Large, reputable providers really have experience in hosting, points in security, operation and support, and are characterized by high availability and fast setup.


Self-research for a better overview

If you want to research for yourself which hoster is the right one for you, you should get an overview on comparison sites like:


If you want a Spanish provider, a look at the

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