Let´s talk about money

You can count on it

What costs nothing is worth nothing.

This was already a well-known maxim of the Württemberg Landtag in 1848. Our service also costs and we think: money is probably talked about! We want you to know what you’re spending how much on and how much. In addition to measuring marketing success, this also includes understanding our pricing structures.

How much does such a website cost?

As often as this question is asked, it is difficult to answer it in general terms. Similar to the question of how much a car costs, you first have to query the wishes in order to be able to give a serious answer. A website consists of many parts: functionality, uniqueness, design, content, additional service, communication added value. Depending on the scope, the costs fall or rise.

However, one should always keep in mind: The own website is the corporate representation on the World Wide Web, similar to a virtual office. Would you do business with someone who has his office in a rusty roof arbor next to the garbage dump? Just! And just like you, 75 percent of other users (see Stanford University study)judge a company’s credibility according to the design of its website.

Rent website instead of buying it once

Would you like to save your cash flow and still be present on the Internet? Especially for start-ups or sole proprietors, it is important to keep an eye on costs. That’s why we’ve developed rental packages for professional websites. For a fixed monthly price, you will receive your individual website, which we update, secure and – depending on the selected tariff – also maintain the content.

Basis of each of our offers

Whether you want to rent or buy your website, the same standards apply to our offers.


1. First of all, an intensive, non-binding discussion on how to get to know each other and coordinate the scope of the project is on the agenda.

In doing so, we want exactly know what you imagine and what your company’s objective is.

Since the human side is very important to us in cooperation, we also check if the chemistry is right.

2. We advise you on the best package for you and you will receive a transparent offer in which all products are clearly listed once again.

3. In a rebriefing, we clarify any ambiguities.

4. A close and trusting cooperation in which we tell you openly and honestly what makes sense from our point of view and what is not.