More than just beautiful appearance

There is no second chance for the first impression.

A website is now a must, not a can. And it’s more than just a virtual business card. He is your official representative on the net. It is your basis on which you communicate with customers, present your product and position your company. Your website is usually the first thing customers, prospects and business partners see of your company and thus decisively shapes the impression that the world gets from you.


Being pretty alone
is no longer enough
Whoever visits you online decides in the first few seconds whether he stays or not. For your visitor to remain loyal to you, it is no longer enough to look just a nod. Your web design needs to be able to do more: this starts with a coherent color image, includes a clear layout, clear menu structures, a suitable typography and the correct image language.


The amount of text must also be appropriate and properly formatted. These are just some of the factors. Visitors need to find what they are looking for and enjoy learning more about their business. But there are also a lot of technical things to consider. The GDPR is valid throughout Europe and imprint, cookie notice and data protection notices are mandatory.


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