What employees really think

Personnel and applicant marketing need credibility

Today, the image of a brand or company also includes what employees think about it and how satisfied they are with the work, the superiors, the product. After all, a company is only as good as its employees – and the customer feels when they are not satisfied.

An important tool on this topic is applicant marketing, the so-called employer branding. It’s a kind of referral marketing,but from the “other” side, from your employees.


What is Employer Branding?

With employer branding, the company creates a kind of employer brand and advertises with certain measures for the best professionals and employees. You can check its success on rating platforms such as kununu or glasdoor.

Credibility and transparency play an important role here, as in the case of consumer favour. For example, if a company advertises flexible working hours, the reviews at kununu should not mention rigid working time models. If benefits such as training courses or workshops are touted, the company should also achieve all five points for this aspect on the evaluation scale.


Satisfied employees are no coincidence

However, the best measures do not help if the climate in the company is not right, the work is not fun and bullying and weak leadership determine everyday life. Only an attentive boss has satisfied employees. Attention is shown with recognition, demand, involvement (keyword for suggestions for improvement), praise, and – yes, also criticism.

As in any relationship, as long as you have something to say to yourself, there is hope for so long. If silence and inner denial reign, then the subject is through. Even if it often takes some time for the consequences to become visible.

Marketing consists of many disciplines

This example illustrates clearly that marketing is not an issue that can be viewed in isolation. It affects even more than the famous 7Ps, but really all facets of the company. Whether personnel, product, pricing, production, processes, logistics, location, communication, image and equipment – at its core, it’s all about bringing the service that is delivered to the man – and, of course, to the woman. Ok, and also to all other ;).

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